daily painting titled Lemon with blue enamelware pot

Lemon with blue enamelware pot

20cm x 16cm (8"x6"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 28 January, 2019
Posted in Still life paintings


This is really lovely. Of course all of your work is! I especially like the way the leaves are surrounding the lemon, giving the feeling of a caress and also creating movement in the composition.
Hi Julian, So sorry to hear you’ve not been well, glad everyone is improving. A beautifully strong return, clear and bright. Happy New Year! Liz
Hi, Julian, I'm glad your family is well again and you're back at the easel. Your paintings, with their southern light, brighten and warm my Pennsylvania winter.
So glad you all are reviving. “The shadow passes; light remains.” —Roman saying
Julian, Very sorry you all were ill! Glad you are back and strongly back I must say! Gorgeous painting with those great complements. Cheers to you and family,
Glad you’re better what a wonderful start to the new year it’s a gorgeous painting thank you for sharing
My first postcard from Provence today - Thankyou for brightening up my day , so fresh and vibrant - zinging blue pot and sunshiny yellow lemon .
Glad you are feeling better. I love the luminous colors in your paintings.
Just feel better and keep painting!
I wondered what happened to you, I appreciate to know that every thing is Ok now. Good 2019 year for you, Ruth and Louis. Evelyn
Beautiful composition & colours Julian. Glad you're all well. Jillxx