daily painting titled Cherry Trees and Snow

Cherry Trees and Snow

17cm x 13cm (6¾"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 10 January, 2010
Posted in Landscape paintings


Happy new year to you Julian, your family and all your admirers. Wishing 2010 will be a great success!
OMG..............this is INCREDIBLE!!!!
wow, worth the wait. Happy New Year!
As you leave behind 2009, remember the laughter, the joy, and the tears. May 2010 bring no tear to any eye; may you realize new dreams and happiness; and, may God bless each one of you and all your loved ones through out the New Year .... life is beautiful, enjoy it. Bonne Année et merveilleux pour tous! Meilleurs v?ux, Patricia et Michel
What a comeback!!!! You were so missed!!!
Great way to start the new painting season, Julian! Happy New Year to you and yours.
Bon retour!!!! How lovely to "hear" from you by "seeing" what you have given us, all your admirers, for the New Year. BONNE ANNEE, ET BONNE SANTE, comme tout le monde le dit en "douce France"! Ah, the snow....
Beautiful. I have missed your daily paintings, and hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year with your family.
Happy new year to you both. Hope it brings all that you wish for. This is glorious, love the leaden sky colour
A little dash of red oozes from a furrow Just above the cherry trees... A warm heart, I am convinced, Is beating beneath the snowy hill. And the furrows, blood-filled, Feed the lonely house on the hill. It seems the farmer whispers to his cherished spouse In rythm with the hill's heart rate: " I love you-so much-Darling. - I love you- too!"
Welcome back! I have been down that road past Les Fougassets so many times to see if you had returned! So lovely to see the blanket of winter snow, quite an amazing sight! 2.ooam here and still 32 degrees! sweltering! I know I keep talking about the weather but I find it fascinating to see such a contrast. Really looking forward to recieving your book and eagerly anticipating your work for the coming year.
Hi Julian (and Ruth) Welcome back!!!!!!! What a deightful start to the New Year. I love this painting and I am not keen about snow. But here it is a light blanket covering the landscape that will shortly warm and cause the trees to burst into bloom. I love the touch of red on the treetops and the hint of red in the furrows that suggests the warmth to come. I wish good health to both of you and all those who visit this site and those who comment on it. Peace to all.
I really look forward to your paintings! It's like a gift that I can't wait to open each day.This was beautiful.
Wishing you a delightful and inspired 2010! Love the muted tones on this one, they pull the viewer in and lift them up. :-)
Happy New Year Julian and Ruth This painting is just so snug and comforting. That seems like a contradiction, but I imagine myself in that beautiful "mas" with a warm fire, planning to ski when the sun breaks through. Thank you for another small vision from France.
how much you and your paintings and your family of friends have been missed, julian. loved the snowy, misty painting which is almostwhat we are having during a historic cold spell the past few days in "sunny" florida. shall look forward to warmer weather and more postcards, both making the new year brighter. thank you as always. gfs
This work reminds me of no other painter. Its all you. It also puzzled me due to its warming effect. But then I saw all the warm reds and I had my answer. Bienvenu de retour...
Hi Julian, I did not receive the last painting email(above) for auction and am hoping that I was not mistakenly deleted from your list. Thanks for checking. It's somethint at aol.com. Love your snow painting and always look forward to your daily fabulous small paintings. Happy New Year from Atlanta. Ann
Sorry Ann, AOL have bounced all my emails due to someone, somewhere marking something as spam. I'm trying to sort it out and imagine you'll be back to normal in a week or so.

Thanks everyone, lovely to be back and a happy new year to you all.
Inspiration ???? http://www.flickr.com/photos/93563935@N00/4269711738/