daily painting titled Still Life with Figs, Grapes and Clementines

Still Life with Figs, Grapes and Clementines

*A larger painting 35cm x 24cm oil on stretched linen Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 6 October, 2007
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Ah, the marvelous Ruth! She comes up with the name of your site, and then she gets her recompense by eating what you've painted (should it be something like the Tomme cheese everybody was drooling over!) And how about THIS superb "nature vivante"? Love to you, Ruth, bon appetit, and thanks for another gorgeous "nature," Julian!
let's not go over the top joyce!! however, i do have to lay claim to spotting these amazing translucent grapes today in the march├ęs de provence.
I was looking at figs in Waitrose this afternoon and thinking "Shall I?! - and here you are and you have. Except your figs will be from Provence...... I do like the grapes - I can see that lovely mottley oblique finish you can get.
Hey, gourmande. I noticed that there were several grapes missing on the upper far right....Love ya anyway -- or even more so for your gourmandise! Those figs wouldn't have lasted one minute had I been sround and after the Maestro had put down his brush.