daily painting titled Cox's Orange Pippins

Cox's Orange Pippins

18cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 17 February, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


They look very much like the variety we call "honey crisps" here in the States.
My very favorite apples - and you've captured them beautifully!
Watch out Cezanne!
Crunch! I can taste them! Rich and evocative!!
Lovely - different style, harder edges, same great sense of colour
Lovely! Your postcards inspire me!
Wow! You have excelled with these juicy apples Julian, I have the feeling they're just waiting to be eaten. The colour in the French cloth reflecting all the colour from the apples is great too. Well done.
beautiful! I have noticed your grounds are lighter. I love your work and am looking so forward to the workshop in July!
The beautiful apples (I love the word "pippins") are nestled together so sweetly and delightfully -- a reflection of the intimacy of your family! And the ruffled, scrunched up cloth contains the same sense of fun represented by the pippins. How I love that French blue stripe in the cloth that appears in so many tablecloths, napkins, dish cloths in douce France.It has become your signature background, and it always brings delight to my eyes whenever I view it. The pinkish/red reflected in the cloth brings the painting together completely.
I totally agree with JLowrie's comments regarding the cloth. I think you should sell them in your 'store!' I can't find them anywhere here in oz. Beautiful Pippins.....
"It's so good to tightly pack against each other to keep warm and not feel alone",the central apple soughed.The two other apples seemed gruesomely indifferent and pretended not to hear the tender avowal.
I wish they turned up here. Apart from parsnips (permanently awol) apples are the only dead loss in an otherwise peerless world of fruit & veggies. Yesterday my tiny, tight, rich tasting, deep ruby cabbage yearned for its pippin partner; even a Bramley would have been good. The pale taste of a local pugliese johnny was a disaster. Back to sultanas and your tantalisingly evocative little masterpiece; quel gout perdu!
Lovely painting and reminds me of the Cox's Orange Pippins of old - the ones they sell now just do not seem to taste as good. Probably picked under-ripe, unlike the ones in the painting.