daily painting titled High lavender

High lavender

20cm x 13cm, (approx 8"x5") oil on panel Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 31 July, 2011
Posted in Landscape paintings


Nope - 1st and 2nd July were definitely OK - if a bit windy. Looks like you just brought the not so summery weather back from the UK! :) I like the different perspective you've got with this one. I didn't realise until I started reading about lavender that it loves poor soil and doesn't mind growing up high so long as it gets full sun I guess everywhere is now gearing up for the Lavender Festivals?
Living in a region that has none of these mass blooming of herbs such as lavender, it is such a great pleasure to see them though an artist's eyes. However, I am familiar with the scent of lavender, and can smell it now.
Julian - I really admire the simplicity and (at the same time) the absolute rightness of those rocks in the middle ground. Nice work as always.
This is filled with the warmth and sunshine of July. I do so love your lavender paintings.
Love the soft treatment of the clouds, Julian!
Oh my god, it's so beautiful! That is what I was saying when I was out yesterday on our 1st and final real July day also. This is exactly what I figured I wouldn't be able to capture and here you have done it with such breathtaking beauty.
Nice one! I'm so relieved that you've had horrible July weather ... I've just moved to SW France (from Tuscany)and have been so depressed by the climate. Maybe it's not always like this??
Makes me want to be there.
The composition,shot from below, inescapably leads my eyes to the humble small cloud,almost transparent,near the big one...Looking like an angel who is insistently gazing at the artist in action.Thanks to this painting,this magical and transient cloud will stay forever.