daily painting titled Clementine with Blue Background

Clementine with Blue Background

20cm x 12cm (8"x4¼"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 27 January, 2009
Posted in Still life paintings


Julian, you are doing some amazing things with that blue & orange relationship..wow!You make my days, looking at what you create gets me energized on many levels! Thank You
Hi I think your pictures are very skillful & pleasing but I've been thinking for a while that they are often a bit dark & gloomy (ok I know it's winter) so this one is much more vibrant & gave me a lift - rather than me just thinking 'yes he's a good painter'. All the best Sue
Hi Julian, I was wondering if this painting is inspired by Euan Uglow? I've been obsessing over him lately, and experimenting with his process and mark making. I find the marks on the canvas add an interesting way of seeing the artist's eye on the canvas, and add such an interesting documentation of time.
for those of you who have asked questions, please forgive julian's lack of response of late. thanks to the great new telephone line unbundling which clearly did not work, for over a week now we have had no internet or telephone. paintings have been posted at macdonalds in the local town and email collected and incompetent telephone engineers held to ransome in the freezing cold in a vineyard on an iphone...don't know how long it will go on, but bear with him please.
You poor darlings!!! How very awful. We know a little about what snow, ice, and more rain that ices over is like. I can't even get out of the house today. I gave my ice skates to our daughter, and couldn't skate now even if I wanted to. Please accept our thoughts and prayers!!!!! May all of this end soon!
might we get a painting of a nice juicy hamburger next...might warm us all up? i AM sorry and wish i could send you some 80 degree florida weather which we are having today, tho cooling off fast by tomorrow night to 40's.
Down here in Melbourne Australia it is very difficult to imagine freezing weather. We have just endured our third day of over 43 degrees C ! Quite a heat wave, can't wait to feel cool again. Perhaps I should venture to Macdonalds it would be air conditioned!