daily painting titled The Citadel Essaouira, evening

The Citadel Essaouira, evening

16cm x 12cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 3 March, 2015
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These are just beautiful, Julian. Well worth the wait! Any chance we could see one of Louis' paintings?? :-)
Quite beautiful...
You can always paint the scene again from a different POV. This looks good to me. Limited palette. You always get a do over in art making. Well Done!!!!!!
As majestic as... the Great Sphinx of Giza viewed from the side! Mysterious picture thanks to the nearly monochromatic finish and the modulations of tones.
I want to see Louis' s work! All five! And that opal sky is sooo nice. Is the tower as remote as it looks to be?
Louis is an artist after my heart- ah, the energy of youth
Wow,Julian - I am mightily impressed...as always.
Great painting, Julian. I am so happy that Louis is painting, too, at his young age. It's good to start young and have a master teacher, especially his father! Enjoy.
Love the colours and tones... Wish I knew how to mix them
Dear Julian, free and painterly, the mighty citadel in the soft evening sky, beautiful. Anna
Louis is following in his Daddy's footprints!
What a lovely painting. I wish i had discovered that view when I was in Essaouira. I'm not quite sure where you were sitting but it is a triumph. I was nervous that I had been struck off the postcard list so much relieved to receive the email. Virginia
Hi Julian, I was reluctant to comment on you're website since you deleted certain comments in the past, but I couldn't resist on this one- love this painting. Deeply romantic. You paint with you're heart on you're sleeve. I saw a dead robin today and do you know what the first thought that came into my head? You're painting! This is the influence your work has had on my life. I'm preparing myself to paint again...and outside, for Spring. Any advice? Im in Brackley UK, looking for inspiring views! Thanks. David.
great work!