daily painting titled Mushroom


13cm x 12cm (5"x4½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Tuesday 9 February, 2010
Posted in Still life paintings


Simply unbelievable!!! I gasped!
Breathtaking Julian! Strange like an animal living in the abysses! Strange like a...UFO! Cosmic Beauty. Sidereal light. Mind-blowing apparition. Amazing picture.
OMG! (that's what American teenagers text on their cell phones)- for Oh My God! Extraordinary.
Wow. Just..wow...or more like WOWOWOWOW! Exquisite.
Holy cow! That is really good!
It is truly a magic mushroom in the aesthetic sense of the word. What an inspriation, Julian, to paint one mushroom. You have shown me in this painting that I must pay more attention to the ingredients I use in my cooking. I also will put them in the light and examine them more closely to see how you might have looked at this one. Bravo!!!
Wow, that's very strange and beautiful, Julian.
It's so beautiful! The lighting and shadows are wonderful I agree that something so simple can be more closely appreciated. Thank you!
No words...
i have often thought mushrooms are a wonderful subject to paint but never had the vision to compose effectively as you have here bringing all the key elements of what makes a mushroom just that. exquisite!
that little blue fleck, top left underside of the cap ....just the right note...you inspire me
THAT........is FABULOUS.
Whoa, not only can I smell that mushroom... I can taste it! How do you do this. Really. Just enough poetic license to know I'm not looking at a photograph. Genius...
A magical mushroom! I get a "high" just from looking and admiring it! The contrasts of shadow and light are positively metaphysical! Thanks, Julian. You have a birthday coming up soon: if I can't get you a cyber-card on the right day, I'll be thinking of you and wishing you a most JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE!!!
I, too, gasped. This is so fungal, so strange and alive. An exquisite painting. Thank you.
It is beyond me how you create these perfect little dramas every day. Even if we can't own them, thanks for sharing them with the world. And: Happy Birthday! (I think it's around this time of the month)
This is what painting is all about. Absolutely gorgeous!
I went to an Indian Restaurant where they served something called "Sexy Mushroom Masala". Now I know what a sexy mushroom looks like...
This extraordinary "Mushroom" and also "Apple Half" are on a whole new level of painting, even for you! I am truly stunned. In both paintings the composition - a kind of "presentation" - is powerful, sensual, sublime. Your wonderful technique allows you to pull it off. Magnificent!!!
I gasped too. The mushroom is absolutely perfect. I felt like grabbing it.
Julian, this masterpiece would have to belong to the Musée d'Orsay!
the first thing that caught my eye was the little touch of smokey blue. Perfect!
What could be the next one...
ten days!and i am missing the joy and inspiration of yr paintings,julian. i hope all is well with you and family and we will be surprised and full of glee to see a "postcard" or news from you soon. gfs
I hope you don't stop Julian, you help us to live in a better world; so harmonious, so nice.
So true Alain, our thoughts are with you Julian and Ruth.
I think today is your birthday too, Julian - I hit 51 today... My studio is too cold to work in at the moment, and it's very frustrating. I wanted to do a birthday painting, but my family have other ideas! I keep looking back between your mushroom painting and the half apple to keep me going until I can get back to my own efforts. I hope all is well with you and Ruth. Best wishes, and many happy returns! Chris B