daily painting titled Dans la Vallée de Sault

Dans la Vallée de Sault

19cm x 12cm (8"x4½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 15 July, 2009
Posted in Landscape paintings


This painting is very mysterious and sensual. In the case of the former, I wondered: What is behind the trees?; what or who is in the yellow building;? what is behind the hills? In the latter case I could see myself lying on the yellow ground (?) and breathing in the smell of the lavender. Then when I got up I could take in the colour of the scene around me. Thanks Julian for this enchanting image.
How blue can blue be? The lavender blue that contrasts with the cerulean blue of the sky is remarkable! Angelique, apres tout! I am glad that my first name is Angela....
Beautiful! I love the strong light & shadow. I am really enjoying your summer landscapes!
Very, very, rich painting, Julian
Absolutely gorgeous! I feel transported already!