daily painting titled Persimmon


14cm x 12cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Monday 8 January, 2007
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I love this persimmon...it was like getting a belated Christmas gift when I opened the email....
Thank you so much...

What a wonderful painting, Julian. Gorgeous colors, simply scrumptious. And I agree with Virginia - it is like getting a belated Christmas gift, the best gift and well worth the wait! All my best to you and Ruth for 2007!

welcome back, missed your daily treats.

Sigh...I love this painting. Missed the deadline again.

Julian: A fantastic painting; well worth the wait to view. Of course, I very much enjoyed your punny email hoping our New Year would be fruitful. As you know so well, many devotees of your website would "relish" the thought of a year filled with daily postcards of your fruit paintings. (Relish can be made with fruit, right? Or is that chutney? Alas, I don't think chutney can be used as a verb.) In any event, thanks for showing us the wonderful paintings today. Here's hoping you and Ruth have a joyous, healthy, happy year, 2007.

P.S. As my six year old son would likely say at the conclusion of a lengthy knock-knock joke, "orange" you glad there weren't any more fruit puns? I was just plum tired of them, but maybe that was just sour grapes!!

Happy New Year, indeed!

Worth the wait....I can almost taste it!
Happy New Year!

Hi, happy new year!

I love this persimmon one, especially since my favorite color is orange and I have been lucky enough to get plenty of persimmons from a friend.

Wish I had opened this e-mail sooner so I could have had a chance to bid on it. That will teach me to get to my e-mails more quickly!!

Best wishes,