daily painting titled Morning on the Seine, Pont Royal

Morning on the Seine, Pont Royal

18cm x 12cm (7"x4½"), oil on oil paper Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 21 August, 2009
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A great charm. An indescribable feeling of bliss. Iridescent.Ethereal. Pastel. Sparkling like a...pink champagne !
Sooooo lovely!! I've never been to France, but this scene transports me there. Thank-you!! Claudia-Marie
julian, while i have adored yr brightly painted landscapes and still lifes, these past Parisian paintings are utterly beautiful. so muted, tonal and intriquing with all their subtle nuances. thank you forthe tour. gfs
I agree -- these paintings of Paris are exceptional. This one is a small masterpiece! I just love it.
I agree -- these paintings of Paris are exceptional. This one is a small masterpiece. I just love it.
I have never seen the light in Paris like this. However, I cannot remember the trees in the left side of the painting. Pont Royal crosses the Seine on the Isle de Cite. Doesn't it go from Quai to Quai? Is this the painter's vision on site and as he imagines it might be in the past? If so, it provokes the viewer's imagination also!
I should have added: .....the light in Paris like this as I have'nt been there at that time of the year. I can feel the warmth from the rosy yellow light that stands out against the dark brige Under it flows a blue/rose Seine dotted with brushstrokes of light.
My mind is on an upcoming trip to CT. Sp's haven't and Pont Royale
Well, several hours after and just before the end of time, I wondered... About dissolving of the shapes like in Turner's paintings ( for instance, like in his "linlithgow Palace, Scotland", Tate gallery). Dissolving close to disappearance, but here the bridge still resists against the devouring light. Solid, liquid, vegetal, mineral through the radiating sun...And I wondered... About life and death, palpable and impalpable, passage... Reality and illusion, transience... This painting is more than a pagan one, it reaches shrouded in mystery. And I wonder whether...
on from Alain .... our unsconscious rises to the surface, an image forms and finds itself on a painting, perhaps a merger of past and present.
I agree with you. And I wonder whether the "surface" of the river has not been the triggering factor. The canvas is so thin and yet what is painted is so deep as if the realist painter dug in the "surface"of the canvas and inadvertently of the viewer's mind too... Being at the same time, a magician and a metaphysician.
Hey Julian, is this you? It's Mark Flowers here, we filmed with you and Ruth about 5 years ago do you remember? With Toby and Becky Strong. If you do can you get back in touch? I've just been told that the are considering making a DVD of Wild Provence and I would like to talk to you and Ruth about it. Hope all is well and you are still enjoying life near Mont Ventoux, lucky things All the best Mark