daily painting titled Clementines


20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 13 November, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


I like this one!

It's absolutely gorgeous!

Colors are singing
Colors are divine
The left-hand clementine proudly reflects the bluish table
The other one hides behind its hare-brained green hairstyle
Saturation of colors bedazzles us
We have here a real feeling of wellbeing.

Now, that's a masterpiece!!!

Agree with Alain...a masterpiece

Very Very VERY clever! What a masterpiece. Painted with such heart and conviction. This is not a painting of clementines, this is more than that- it's a representation of LIFE! Truly magnificent!
Your work is becoming more and more impressionistic. ...a path, you must be thinking, you must allow.

Well done mate.