daily painting titled Still Life with peaches, bottle and copper mould

Still Life with peaches, bottle and copper mould

Oil on linen, 50cm x 61cm (approx 20"x24")
One of three large still life paintings I've just completed
Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 14 July, 2011
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To Julian (and Ruth) of Provence "All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well" Welcome back!
Beautiful still lifes! Would you consider painting one to accompany my "Still Life with Melon & Sand"? It Is part 2 of my Summer Suite for trumpet. You may hear it on my website at www.gregbartholomew.com/summer index.html.
Beautiful stilllife!! I think you should congratulate yourself on getting any work done at all with a new baby in the house. It is easier when they get older, but you won't regret the time you are spending with him now!
I opened the link and heard myself groan, " My God, it's BEAUTIFUL". Truly, Julian, it is sublime!
What a lovely, breathtaking, soft and sensuous painting! A moment of respite in a crazy world.
These are stunning!! I have missed seeing your work; these were worth the wait!!! Hope all is well with the new family; Congratulations on getting these very lovely paintings made!
I second it, what all before have commented. Beautiful.
Good to see you back ... Stunning!
Julian, The second painting w/ lemons comes up both second and third. I did not get "w/ confit . . ." Otherwise, Bravo! kK
Dear Julian, We have missed you and your wonderful paintings very much, but as we all know little children are time intensive. And as some above have said, it is SO worth the time now, and it does get a little easier. My sister-in-law used to say it doesn't necessarily get easier, but it gets "different"! Each age has new challenges, but again, it is SO worth it. After all that, thank you for sharing these wonderful new paintings. (I wasn't able to access the "apples" either.) Regards, Dona S,
You ARE an artist. I didn't realize you were also a MOMMY! Your painting is good and lovely to look at. However, I would love to see some juice....something that gives me a hint of what is inside those peaches. I am not criticizing just exploring with you.... good luck with the crazy hours and all....such fun you will have...
Peaches are in season in Texas right now. wonderful with ice cream and also on cereal for breakfast.My wife Cathie and I are thinking about taking a trip to France.Rent a house and just drive around the wine country and the Pyrennes. Hope to do some watercolors.
Welcome back !!! WOW ! Stunning
You made my day happy, Julian! One of these days, I will have my very own painting! Welcome back; I missed you! Best wishes to the family.
Julian, All beautiful! When I clicked on the apples still life link, however, I had the lemons appear for a second time... I would like to see the apples, too! Thank you, Elizabeth PS I can only assume parenting is blissful!
Beautiful. Really stunning. Wish I could do that.
. Hi Julian! Wow! So refreshingly beautiful! No wonder you have been missing and surely you have been missed by your admirers here in the Philippines. I pray all is well with youi and Ruth and your bundle of joy! Blessings, Chit
Happy Bastille Day! Such a day to come home and such splendid still lifes. That was a fruitful interlude. Ruth and Louis must be well and happy. I am glad you are back.
Welcome back Julian. Happy parenting! I was looking forward to seeing the apples, but if anything like the peaches and the lemmons, I'm sure it was awesome. Thankyou.
Thank you for your beautifully soft and most elegant painting of the peaches, dusty gray's and bottle. The copper mould especially is evocative and intriguing. One can almost touch the soft dustiness of it all. I would buy it in a flash if I had the money for it. I am delighted to enjoy it, and all your paintings, online. Such a pleasure. The other two didn't come up for me, just blank pages. The very best to you and your family!
Hi Julian -- The last link, to Still Life with Confit Pot and Apples, comes up as Still Life with Lemons and Blue Bottle (as the image). Nice work!
Hi Julian Welcome back. I love the way that you have shaded the copper mould so that its form is revealed. It then provides a contrast with the sleek bottle and smooth peaches. I just noticed the soft light on the surface of a counter that barely reflects a pale version of the peaches and mould. This elegant painting would make a great companion to the painting of the lemons and bottle that is very 'cool'.
Dear Julian, If there is anything in this life that you worship...know that you inspire in us through your magical weaving of light, dark, color, and shape that same joyous marveling and loving appreciation of the sensuous perfection to be found in our earthly and daily surroundings. Thank you for the many beautiful reminders and sharing of your gift. And thank you to Ruth for the added depth, laughter, and life wrapped around your paintings through her words in "Cherries from Chauvet's Orchard". Blessings to you and your family.
Cette peinture a la douceur et le velouté d'une peau de bébé. Elle est très émouvante. Merci