daily painting titled Four strawberries

Four strawberries

18cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 13 April, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


yet another great painting, hinting at Summer with glorious fresh strawberries!
You'd be surprised! Lovely - god enough to eat
This is quite stunning!!!
Strawberries look yummy, delicious! You are amazing!
Now they will have those 4 berries forever! I can taste them! The sweet, fresh delicious "real strawberry" taste that is often absent in store bought berries in CA, but can be found sometimes at organic farmers' market here.
Again with the stems, so fabulous. The berries are good enough to taste. I've been studying Monet lately and he cared so little whether his subjects were alive or not. I sure don't see that as a feature of your work. To the contrary even the not alive is alive. I. Can't forget toy sailboat, alive indeed.
I like your dancing stems.
What a mesmerising empty space, like a deep chasm, above the body of fruits and made happen by the stems (drawn in a single gesture): a haunting ellipsoïdal dark space,as a tumultuous black hole able to eat up what lives around... The strawberries look so frail... We are so fragile. Oh my god, what a mesmerising nothingness!
Dear Julian, as I have previously commented, you have a way with strawberries! Here they look so ripe, so sweet, so delectable....inviting us to pick them up by their stems, seductively curved. Looking as if just spilled out of a punnet, creating a very spontaneous composition. The glossy, rich red perfectly conveys their ripe juiciness. Anna.
PUNNET? punnet. "Two punnets please?" Thank you for another stonking word to perk up American English. AND maybe you'll paint a punnet one day simply for the joy of saying so.
sorry-my computer was stuck?..