daily painting titled Louis


14cmx13cm, oil on board Painting status: NFS
Daily painting for Sunday 10 August, 2014
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I was wondering when/if you were ever going to paint that beautiful boy of yours! You must do more.. even if you don't sell them. He seems to have such a wonderful way about him; it would be wonderful to capture more of his youth in paint.
What a beautiful face, and a beautiful painting!
He is so precious!! Once a Dad and Mom, always parents, no matter what (:)! A beautiful portrait of one just beginning to see, to know, to understand. Thank you so much for sharing this work. You all are so blessed! C-Marie
He is such a big boy already! really a wonderful glimpse of him
J So splendid. Of course, NFS! Very special, Leon
What a lovely surprise and I do so hope it is going to be one of many to come. Thank you Julian and Louis.
Sooooo beautiful - both sitter and painting
When pastes become that tender skin When pigments become lovely complexion When these innocent eyes traverse our hearts When this half-open mouth tries to converse with us When the blue sky literally exsudes from the model When the background around these soft ears Is made up of lively whiteness I state loud and clear: - Our today's world of perpetual conflict Has still a future full of Hope".
His soul is in face. I want to follow this sweet boy's journey. Thank you for this. Karen
So happy to see your beautiful son. Thank you for sharing him with your loyal fans!!
This is such a special painting. I am deeply touched by it.
Karen says it perfectly! A stunning portrait of your little man. Precious beyond measure!
Wow...that is just beautiful... Lucky all of you :-)
now that I like ---the eyes are wonderful
The painting looks as though you caught him right before he zoomed away... in a flicker of light and time. Just what we wish all our paintings could be.
It's just fabulous, so like Louis and so beautifully painted.
I filed this permanently under ...Painting examples>portraits>JMS_Louis
Absolutely stunning!!! What a beautiful face
What a jewel. Thrilled to see your boy. Lovely brush on this one.
What a beautiful painting of your beautiful boy! Thanks Julian.
Terrific! I wonder what he thinks of being a subject and looking at the result
Marvelous and it looks just like him. I still say last October's workshop was one of the highlights of my life!
this painting and face are so very moving ?.it radiated much emotion from the viewer.
Hi Julian , loved the portrait and what the others had to say. Your son is beautiful thank you for sharing your gift and life with us in paint! Craig
The love you have for each other just comes shining through your painting!
One of your best
Thank you for sharing a marvelous moment in your life.
Much-loved and happy boy; All there in the lovely portrait... with a hint of ancient wisdom somewhere. A United Nations' Man...one day...
Karen says it perfectly! A stunning portrait of your little man. Precious beyond measure!
Tender, tender. More, more. I want to see one of Ruth and Louis together.
Stunning, Julian! Completely understand the NFS, though... I hope you do another that is.
Stunning, Julian! A painting of so much more than his face. Completely understand the NFS, but... Certainly hope you do another that is.
Inquisitive and innocent is a beautiful combination! Thank you for sharing this one with all of us...
You can see your love for Louis in this portrait. I have many drawings of my children when they were growing up, and I passed them on to them this year. Now it's time to do more of my darling granddaughter! Do more, Julian.
Beautiful boy :) I love those touches of blue around his eye and nose; really makes the portrait come alive.
So Beautiful!!!
What a fabulous portrait, what a beautiful child! Thank you for sharing.