daily painting titled Self portrait

Self portrait

26cm x 22cm, oil on linen on aluminium panel Painting status: NFS
This painting has been selected for the BP portrait award exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery London, more details of the exhibition here
Daily painting for Wednesday 19 April, 2017
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Well done Julian...This is fantastic news..Congratulations From Canada.
Big congratulations. This looks so different from your other work. I like it very much. People tell me I look too serious in my self portraits.
Fabulous Julian...it's a marvelous self-portrait...it captures the essence of you! Congrats!!!
It's a wonderful painting. Congratulations John
Congratulations dear Julian! It is an honour you deserve so much! It is a very expressive and introspective self portrait, showing not only the artist, but the teacher as well. Bravo!
Congratulations! Great SP. Very exciting indeed!
That is awesome Julian. You do represent the very best and we appreciate your talents. Congratulations. What a great painting of you, by you.
Wonderful news, wonderful portrait. So happy for you,
Julian, I believe this is the one most of us liked! Who knew your fans had such good taste! We are proud of you and grateful for the gifts you share so freely!
Selected from 2,580 entries by artists from 87 countries around the world, what a feather in your cap. Your best self portrait yet, well done.
Wow! Many many congratulations Julian. I am so thrilled for you as I am sure are all your many admirers! Fantastic news and so well deserved.
Wow! Congratulations on this accomplishment. Certainly well deserved.
extraordinary, Julian. Congratulations. Well deserved.
Way to go, Julian!
Brilliant Julian! Congratulations. You definitely should do more portraits. The one of Louis I loved also. All the Best, Francine
What a wonderful achievement. Congratulations. I always enjoy your self-portraits and this one is indeed special.
Congratulations, Julian! A real honor, and well-deserved. All the best to you and yours!
Julian, I think your work is just exquisite; Congratulations!
This is really superb...
Congratulations, Julian, from southern Ontario, Canada! What an amazing job you did of this self portrait!! Fabulous! I can't EVER imagine how you do this very loose technique! I'd love to be able to paint like that, however, it seems I'm going to be forever confined to Realism. Is this technique of yours similar to the term "fracturing"? I've heard that word used recently and wondered what it meant. The portrait looks almost sculpted; your work is truly remarkable and you should be very, very proud!
Congratulations on being chosen for this prestigious exhibit. I enjoy following your beautiful paintings. This self portrait is exquisite and soulful. It reminds me of a Rembrandt self portrait.
it is a great self portrait........love it!
Hello, Julian, Your postcards make my day, every day, unless there is none ... All your portraits have been striking, and this one is possibly the best so far. In any event, congratulations. Well deserved recognition indeed.
Brilliant! It is a terrific portrait!
Congratulations, Julian. A well deserved salute from the professional community. Good luck with the judging.
Congratulations Julian !
Hurray, Hurray!!! SO great for you, Julian.
So pleased for you! Congratulations, well-deserved. I am a constant fan and love this painting as well as the several I have collected for myself. Exciting news!
Juian fantastic news! Well well done. What illustrious friends I have.
Way to go Julian!! Congratulations! You have come a long way since 2005; your work is amazing and it's such an inspiration to look back through your archives. You motivate me, and thousands of other artists I'm sure, to "keep painting'!!
Congratulations Julian delighted for you!
Wow this is fantastic and it is certainly a masterpiece!
What wonderful news. Well done.
Hip Hip Hoorah!
Great work! Congratulations!
How wonderful! It always feels good to have our creations recognized :-) Congratulations, Julian!
Congratulations Julian! It’s a gorgeous portrait! I’m so happy for you! I really enjoy your Postcards- a little treat every time.
This is a truly superb portrait and many congratulations on being chosen for the BP Exhibition. You truly deserve it. Fantastic brushwork.
That's such a brilliant portrait, Julian. It's you through and through! And by the way, since my wonderful holiday with you and Ruth a couple of years ago, I have remained firm friends with Karin Moorhouse. We have a mutual friend in Porthleven, and we three women meet up regularly. x
Wonderfull- I would like to be able to purchase such work.
I've been gleefully receiving your Postcards for a number of years now. I have been through some personal rough patches, three house moves, heartbreak, joy, and your paintings have been woven into my tapestry, bringing light, colour, a sense of the outside world, beauty, and with your accompanying words, a feeling of friendship, if I may be so bold, with your generosity of spirit in sharing your family news and travels near and far with we strangers who don't feel like strangers at all. You've an exceptional talent Julian, and this achievement is deserved on so many levels. We, your extended friendship circle, are so very happy for you and proud. Kindest regards and congratulations to you and yours! Liz :)
Congratulations - what an achievement. I love painting portraits and yours is brilliant.
Great news Julian, well done. I look forward to seeing it when the exhibition finally gets to Edinburgh.
Well done Julian! A well deserved honour. Look forward to seeing your superb portrait at the exhibition!
Fantastic news Julian! Many Congratulations!! :)
Many congratulations.Terrific news.
Congratulations, Julian. What an honor. What does Louis think of the portrait and the honor given to you?
ENHORABUENA, Julian! What a joy! You are always an inspiration. The best thing in the morning is to receive your "Postcard". Congratulations again and I hope to be able to see your painting in London. A big hug Nieves
Congratulations, Julian, what an honor! (And I can say I studied with you!)
Well done Julian, good work.
Congratulations JULIAN. Well deserved.
Wow...........wonderful portrait and fantastic painting! Best Wishes and such an honor to have this painting chosen for this prestigious show. Well done........
Beaucoup de felicitations from our corner of the midi. Truly wonderful SP. Of course we all feel we know you even better now! Hope to see the painting in the flesh in Edinburgh.
Bravo! Kudos! And well done. A good selection indeed.
Julian, a fantastic achievement and a fantastic portrait with depth and mood. I read through all the comments here and can't put it any better than has already been said, so I'll just say you must be beaming from ear to ear.I hope you enjoy the warm glow of having that knowledge, YOU'RE IN THE BP PORTRAIT AWARD EXHIBITION!!, something that never be taken away from you.
Congratulations Julian; it is a delightful and revealing portrait. BM
Congratulations dear Julian! What a magnificent accomplishment and recognition! So proud of you and your beautiful work!
Fantastic achievement.
FELICITATIONS, JULIAN!!!! A truly incisive and stunning painting. I bet Louis likes it too!!!
Julian... Along with all the prior kudos I would add I particularly appreciate that small blue twinkle of self deprecating humor (I imagine) you caught in that fine portrait. Congratulations for your years of work...and generous sharing of your talent...every day!
Well done Julian. Thanks for telling me, I shall look forward to going to see it Very proud of you. Helen x
Well done Julian! I remember thinking to myself when you first showed it to us that you looked like a person I would like to know well.....such a sparkle in your eyes! I have been enjoying your Irish paintings...is it possible that you have a bit of Celtic blood in thee? Barbara
Julian, Congratulations. This is a wonderful self-portrait. You well deserve the recognition. It seems just like you--not just in likeness, but in spirit as well.
Huge bouquets of congratulations! One of many fabulous self portraits you've done and deserving of great honor.
Excellent news. Congratulations ( in large type). It's good to see something so obviously 'painterly' getting accepted. Over the years the selection panel seem to have shifted more towards photo-realist portraits. Breaking the mood - well done.
Ce portrait est d'une telle franchise qui est tres rare de voir. Vous me faites penser a Van Gogh , comme lui nous voyons un homme qui se met a nu devant nous. Tres beau, tres vrai
Great news. I have followed your various self portraits over the years - but this one, in my view, is by far the best. There is so much more in the painting than just the image!
Congratulations Julian! I think this is a wonderful self portrait and very deserving of selection. What an honour to be included! Pity the exhibition will not be coming to Sydney. I loved your portrait of your son too! Exquisite!! I love seeing all of your paintings that you post ... I'm a big fan of your style and technique and look forward to your posts. I wish I could attend one of your workshops. Thanks for sharing.
Wow Julian! Wonderful news and wonderful portrait too! Excited for you over here in Australia. Enjoy the moment.
Congrats!! Amazing brushwork, paint, expression! I also really liked your portrait with the red shoes...!
Congratulations, Julian, on your being included in the BP. We follow it every year. Our project is The Kingston Prize, Canada's Portrait Competition, a biennial competition for Canadian artists and subjects so we know how difficult it is to make it as a finalist. Sorry you weren't short - listed. Don't think too much of those three. Kaaren and Julian Brown
Wow! That is so fabulous! Well done Julian. I hope you get to go to the opening. Congratulations!
Dear Julian: It is a wonderful portrait. It has been said "To thine own self be true" . . . . you are! And, being chosen from so, so many is an honor you well deserve. Congratulations on both counts. I'm happy and lucky that I was able (with my friend Mimi Meyers) to take your workshop in Provence a few years back, and recently in my hometown of Greenport, NY. Thank you, Rosemary
Congratulations Julian!
An excellant painting, as well as a well-deserved honor....Congrats from Pennsylvania, USA.