daily painting titled Vineyards and snow

Vineyards and snow

17cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 1 February, 2012
Posted in Landscape paintings


Wow! You precocious fellow you! You have even mastered snow when we weren't looking. I hope you enjoyed producing this new dimension to your bag of beautiful tricks. Lovely, simply lovely!
Woha.!!! Magnificent..!! What a beautiful view!! Amazing work. Tish.
Dear Julian ... what an incredible contrast your wonderful image is the the heatwave conditions currently here in Perth, Western Australia. The perspective and depth are remarkable. Clementines, onions AND snowscapes ... congratulations ... again!
Luscious, luscious! Snow! First you do flowers that we don't have here now, then you do snow, of which we've seen very little....we're in awe.
beautiful! I miss snow living here in florida. this will keep me happy. my thanks and hope you had fun painting real winter. gfs
Absolutely beautiful!
Wow - gorgeous colours and lovely comp. I was dying to see what you'd make of Provence in proper snow - and I'm hoping that you're getting a lot of painting done! Has it snowed like this before since you've been living in Provence?
Oooohh ! Quel choc visuel ! Surprenant et splendide ! On y revient sans cesse...
Those glimpses of your orange ground are wonderful.
I have to walk outside and go up to the studio over the garage, but no snow! Us artists have to be tough!
Very good work Julian, has a sort of watercolour feel to it, probably the expanse of white. I am always envious of your sun filled images, even in winter months but I don't think I'd care for this too much (the temperature I mean, not the lovely painting).
Of course you didn't get to the studio on the first day of a beautiful snowfall! You have to build snowmen and make snowangels now!
fabulous. I can feel the crisp air. Wonderful design.
How lovely to get a personal message from you. The snow looks amazing. You have much more than us - quite jealous. We will be staying in Bedoin for Easter and hope our paths might cross. Kind regards Anne
Cool, Julian! Love it!
Felicitations Julian. Thank you for sharing this beautiful painting, you have really captured the bright chilly winter light of Provence. I hope Louis enjoys the snow. Nathalie.
Hi Julian Momentarily you have more snow than we do in Toronto. It is a magical painting because it shows a wintry landscape with the possibility of spring suggested by the tops of the vines seen in a line on the edge of the hill. I hope that you and Louis had fun in the snow.
I love snow and mountains! I found that I was nearly holding my breath while looking at the painting you created. It is so beautiful. Thank-you so much!! Blessings of God to you and yours, C-Marie
Really beautiful painting. I can feel how cold it is!
Living in Canada we see snow like this every winter season. You nailed it Julian!