daily painting titled Tulips and rununculus

Tulips and rununculus

12cm x 18cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 29 January, 2013
Posted in Flower paintings


Wow, this is gorgeous!
This......is so lovely. The colours are beautiful.
Here in Australia we are in the middle of scorching summer fires and monsoonal flooding, and you send us a joyous painting from other climates. Thank you
This is so beautiful and breathtaking, Julian.
Tout simplement magnifique. Merci.
May I know how you did that lovely scratchy background to give surface texture. A lovely picture.
a lovely painting Julian ;0))
Out loud I said "that's a beauty" and it certainly is. I love the blue and pale green backgrounds that I 've seen recently in the paintings. They provide a light touch behind the subject.
Dear Julian,a delicious mix of rich jammy reds, fresh greens and porcelain white, backed by a soft, washed blue. A hint of early spring, maybe? Very uplifting! Anna.
Color is the star of this painting. Composition and style come in a close 2nd. I love it!
Lovely, Julian. At least Ruth has a painting, if not the bouquet! Mary Anne
Are there prints or cards available to purchase??