daily painting titled Quince and apple

Quince and apple

18cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 24 October, 2012
Posted in Still life paintings


Beautiful Julian!
Love this Julian.....go to bed now. Cynthia
The master of the shadow!I am just forwarding your painting to a friend painter who has sent me a mail this morning answering my numerous questions about DARKNESS in painting .She was enjoying painting an apple and said "chercher les nuances dans l'ombre d'une pomme"
If only you knew what pleasure these daily images bring. I love every one and your book is greatly appreciated by the painting group to which I belong. (from a Kings Sutton fan!)
The start of a romantic relationship?
Caravaggio and Chardin combined - a beautiful creation, Julian.
Dear Julian, an inspired vision brought on by your latest offerings, quince on a string!(Cotan 1602).Just a thought. Anna.
Lots to admire in this one with rich and beautifully painted night colours. I wanted to look close-up, but "click to enlarge" reveals an interesting and equally good landscape!