daily painting titled Still Life with Roscoff Onions and Moroccan Bowl

Still Life with Roscoff Onions and Moroccan Bowl

46cm x 33cm (18"x13"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 5 November, 2008
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I don't think you need final touches! It's perfectly gorgeous as is. You are a master at onions - everything, really.
Dancing onions, reaching loftily! And a new bowl, a lovely new addition. Agreed, pretty perfect as is!
The onions appear to be reaching from the dark into the light. A sign of hope for sunnier days? Hope so! As usual, inspiring! Merci!
nice painting, I'd put an opposing diagonal to the diagonal set up by onion stems..say emphasize the shadow on left in back...
Hold onto your hat it looks pretty windy out too!!
Love it...so real looking I want to peel their papery skins off and slice them up to use.
Absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful depth and color. Shorter days are here. Stay cozy.
Are Roscoff onions same as shallots?
Are you nuts--what the hell would you change? It's the usual magnificent work.
Mostly I love the fact that you have added comments about each painting. I too having trouble adjusting to shorter days.
Your fruits and veggies are quite lovely and inspirational to fellow artists like myself. Thanks Julian.
Interesting to see a work in progress - thanks, it is larger than usual, was this done in one step ?
You make ordinary things extrordinary! I look forward to every painting!
Dear Julian- Your darker days only illuminate the richness that is yours! And the balance-it's perfect!...like lovers after wine;the one gaily dancing ahead, while the other...grounded, holds securely by the hand.
perhaps its more intriquing to Not finish it and keep imagining different ways to a conclusion??
Wow! The onions are so realistic that I want to reach in, grab an onion, and start peeling it.
What an exquisite piece of work Julian ! Ruth, soon as it's declared finished & open I shall hotfoot it to the Abbey to look at what your Dad has made. Regards. Von
Julian--everything OK over there in paradise.
Whatever is happening over there in paradise I wish you all the very best. Really miss your daily wonders, just trust all is o.k. I am thoroughly enjoying this painting though!
this is simply beautiful... alain is not around to help us [i still miss you , alain]- so i will try .... this looks as if we are very near to falling off the edge, and the darkness is encroaching , very close, the onions reach ....i thank god that we the [ stupid] american people managed to get Obama elected... but what a mess to mop up! I see why some of us worried about you- we send love !
Oh Mariah your reaction about me is very touching, thank you so much. Of course I have so many things to say about this heart-rending still-life and the special privilege to see a work in progress ( thanks to Julian)... Make a comment was a pleasure, unfortunately it is not the case anymore. Kind regards.
oh, yes, we miss you and your paintings, julian, as we do alain and his comments--but shall hope for better days for you both and for our country with our new president-elect Obama.
A perfect November moment. Fabulous.