daily painting titled White Asparagus in a Jar

White Asparagus in a Jar

13 x 17cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Friday 31 March, 2006
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Julian - I love receiving your postcards every day and your art is quite simply wonderful. But how will I ever be able to buy anything? There's a sold sticker already on all the paintings as they arrive in my mailbox! Jeanne


This one is beautiful! Isn't that just how light is in a dark space....only you make me see it better.

White asparagus is just the thing to signal the arrival of spring. Your idyllic paintings bring light to the grind of New York life. Many thanks.

Awesome chunky highlights on that bottle, Julian. And I love the texture in the background as well. The little red stripe running down the side of the bottle - just brilliant. Notice that the painting would not be as interesting if it weren't there. Love it!

Simply stunning...

I love this!

This really combines your best: Dark background, interesring veg and glass, all beautifully rendered.