daily painting titled A River in Asturias

A River in Asturias

20cm x 14cm (8"x5½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 8 September, 2009
Posted in Landscape paintings


Welcome back Julian. I've been looking for your Postcards and wondering, did I say something wrong? Your river painting is lovely and I can almost hear the gentle sounds of the stream against the rocks. So peaceful, it looks like a haven for great fishing.
Now this I like!!
What a way to come back, Julian!! Love it.
Flamenco melody in the distance, so attractive...I cannot resist its charm: I take off my shoes,I gather my courage, then cross the singing river (Ouch! the water is so cold!)and disappear into the bushy shadows where I meet...
Julian: So glad you painted Spain... this in nice. I'm hoping you painted some of the panoramas and maybe a full moon similar to Ruth's photos. Great reading on the blog... Thanks, Parke
stunning work as always. r.
You were sorely missed! And looking and feeling, like Alain, the cold water on my feet makes up for it! Almost....
Very nice!
Welcome back! Beautiful work.
Beautiful painting Julian, nice to see you back. We missed you. Love the cool reflective light on the water.
how I've missed you both, not just as painter and photographer/writer but as part of the "family". g.
You know, Julian, why are we so attached to you ? Beyond your talent, owing to your self-portraits, since the beginning. Honesty and no affectation. Like these of Rembrandt or lucian Freud for instance. You seem to tell us: "Well I am who I am, lost among you all and my only way of expressing are my brushes and colours". Whatever your works (landscapes, still lifes, portraits)Julian, this is the same humble meaning, the same humble message: humanness.
Your stream, so liquid, so cold, so flowing, yet so obviously a product of brush and paint. Bravo.
Lovely Julian- You've given Sargent a run for his money with this one! Nice job- nice sense of light :)
Alain, well saided "humanness" (tout a fait)
Great painting. The browns in the foreground are especially excellent. I FEEL the water moving over their dark surfaces.
How beautiful this scene is. We are all so glad to see you are posting your work again. I especially like Alain's second entry here. He has really named the essence of our collective attachment to your wonderful paintings.
You can see and feel the flow of the water in this painting. Bravo