daily painting titled Still Life with Bread, Cheese, Apple and Red Wine

Still Life with Bread, Cheese, Apple and Red Wine

12cm x 20cm (4¾"x7¾"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 16 April, 2009
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Monsieur, You are making me very hungry and no doubt others will feel the same when they see this most delicious rendition of aged cheese and ouch the roof of the mouth crusty bread. Simply fab Julien, another interior masterpiece!
and the rest of it is none too shabby either... wonderful highlights as always!
Today's painting is just beautiful. I love it; especially the drama of the dark background and the quiet contrast of the bread and cheese. Mmmm.
OK, I want everyone out there to desist from bidding this one up any more. I just paid my taxes yesterday, and I deserve this wonderful little capsule of la belle vie francaise as a present. NO MORE BIDDING! Thank you! ;-)
I've just paid my taxes too - ignore him, bid on ;-))
Vous avez raison, mon ami. Laissez les bon temps roulez!
Julian, you're making me happy again :-) (not that you could give a toss, I'm sure) I just baked some fresh bread, have some Manchego at hand, let's have a simple feast! Great still life.
This one is very sensual in its use of colour, texture (the bread and cheese) and light. The suggestion of the wine in contrast to specificity and attention given to the apple, cheese and bread makes for a more complex composition. Bravo Julian!!!!!! Enjoy the fruits of your labour.
Just starting out using oils after a lifetime in watercolours. You're such an inspiration, this piece is delicious! Any advice gratefully received!!
Wonderful - one of the best. Alain, you're needed - where are you today?
Thank you DeanO. If you do not think I am too pervasive...
I would love to taste that cheese, it looks fantastic! What a delicious feast. I wonder did Ruth make the bread? I recieved the prints I ordered from you today and they are BEAUTIFUL, thankyou.
A festival of shapes, colours and textures: Smooth, grainy, limp, opaque, see-through, triangular, plane-parallel, rotund, angular, staking, bright, attenuate... And besides, the shadowy wine glass just at the Golden Section! Perfectly balanced painting like some Chardin's still lifes. And this bread with its peak suggesting a mountain in the distance and yet close to it, the bit of cheese like a huge slide in a playground, the angle made by them conveying motion and liveliness to the whole painting... This still life is " still alive " and not a " nature morte" as one says in french.
jennifer, i did not bake the bread - julian does all that fancy stuff - but that was indeed one of the most gorgeous goats cheese (from st gens) we have ever had. it was like a creamier version of our english caerphilly....YUM! i have the good fortune to be the shopper for the still lives and when monsieur decides he wants to paint cheese it is indeed a happy day as we have one of the best cheese shops in the country which we largely try and avoid for its delectability, being two people of too little self control and too much spare tyre. this one came in a very carefully still life friendly selection along with a 'crottin de magali' (which means magali's...well, i couldn't say), a st marcellin and an exquisite st nectaire. oh and, not to be smug, then there were the morilles....
Ruth, how could anyone resist? Julian, you too.. this is to die for.. Alain, your comments and ubiquity are an inspiration, i so enjoy them always.
Morilles!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Ruth, you are being smug!!!!!!!!!!! But we love you anyway! Or any way.