daily painting titled Turps jar

Turps jar

20cm x 11cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 14 January, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


I think we artists all have a jar like this, great painting
I love it when you paint paint or paint patina!
What a beautiful silvery patina.
Great little painting, Julian. I like the warm touches you used in this "cool" painting. I've done a few paintings of my supplies, too - my painting cups, my wrench that I use to open stubborn paint caps, paintbrushes, etc. I'm so happy to see your paintings every day.
Beaautiful coloration, Jar looks like old Venetian silvered mirrors. lovely piece Julian, cheers, georgia sheron
Beautiful - looks like an old masters - love the colour/lack of colour.
paint patina, paint patina, paint patina oh, for a creme brulee right now! Will you give a workshop in Sept 2013? And can we eat real French creme brulee? And can you sign me up right now?
I am always amazed at the way you can make the simplest things look beautiful!
lovely greenish grey shades on the glass, I wish I could master the painting of glass effects like you!
I love this one - and some of those you sent over Christmas, notably tulips and cheese with moroccan pot. I was off-line for three weeks so enjoyed catching up. Happy New Year. L