daily painting titled Morning near Althen-les-Paluds

Morning near Althen-les-Paluds

20cm x 12cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Tuesday 2 October, 2007
Posted in Landscape paintings


I take it back about the still lifes.

no kidding. wish it was the old 'first come first serve' rule--

How much light, life, sound, movement, heat, chill, shadow, change can one put into a painting 20cm x 12cm? Just look at this painting! The genius of this place is alive in every brush stroke.

I thought I agreed with Paul until today. To use a truism, one learns something new every day, and I'm glad my learning experience on this day is so very exquisite!


what a stunningly simple, peaceful and full-of-autumnal-stillnes painting this is. You seem to have captured the essence of autumn here. Very very big and hearty congratulations on a beautiful painting.

P.S. looking at this I think it feels like your best painting yet. I wish I was rich enough to bid, I love it.

Paul, I'm glad you took it back. I was going to take issue with you but then Julian proved I didn't need to!

Stunning. Ranks right up there with Oyster and Lemon, March 6, 2007.

Lovely, delicious with the repetitive circles.

Love those long, slow undulations of light. The color leads the eye through the dark. Magnificent!

this one is so much fun to wander around in, get lost and find your way out again! bravo julian...perfectly lovely morning.

I can smell the cold water!

my limit, two paintings this year, which i am so blessed to look at when ever i wish...they are mine...but julian, this painting gave me chills...i'm a painter, and if i were so blessed and talented to capture a moment, as you have just done, i would feel very accomplished, and would hope, that i've given the onlooker a gift, as you have done...bravo and as always, thank you for opening my eyes, teaching me, long distance and allowing me into your world and how you see it....

p.s. i am leaving for france mid oct...will be painting near vezelay, burgundy...at chateau de vault de lugny...fall in france...i can't wait...

Ahhh Julian - marvelous. Every now and then you get that little masterpiece that all of us artists strive for. Bravo.

Giant, mate. Large. A corker.

Simply breathtaking! Such an amazing sense of light, color and balance.

Can I please have the last word?... Remarkable!

Good, very good morning !

Giclee? Pretty please ; )

Simply great

I tried to locate Alten-les-Paludes by Googling it, but nothing came up except Julien's painting! Where is the beautiful spot? Please, anyone who knows, tell me. I'm leaving for Provence in 3 weeks and would love to know if it's a place I can go.

Ah! should be spelt Althen les Paluds. A village on the alluvial plain between Isle-sur-le-Sorgues/Carpentras and Avignon and the Rhone.

Loved this painting!! My first comment for you. I am also a painter. Would love it if you would share the colors of paints you use. Do you have 8 or 10 colors you use most of the time, and mix from those? Thanks for helpful information. Love the colors!! Debby Miller

Debbie, palette was raw umber, burnt sienna, alizaron crimson, ultramarine, pthalo green, bright green lake, coraille orange, 3 cadmium yellows (deep golden/normal and lemon) and titanium white.

I also use (not this time) ceruleum, and pthalo blue, transparent red oxide, cadmium red,raw sienna, yellow ochre, permanent rose, burnt umber and Black with a few purples and reds for special needs. Mostly I use Micheal Harding oils, Old Holland, Rembrandt and Rowney.