daily painting titled Still Life with Delft Vase, Peach and Japanese Teapot

Still Life with Delft Vase, Peach and Japanese Teapot

13cm x 19cm (5"x7½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Tuesday 25 August, 2009
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Luxuriant light! Just beautiful, Julian.
I have a postcard of apricots that you did a couple of years ago. It is so interesting to see how your painting techniques have evolved. I love how you painted the fruit on my little painting, but the new still lifes-oh my god-they are sublime. Those figs the other day-breathtaking.
The vase is smashing, but the peach is delicious. I agree on the changes in your work. Just better and better.
beautiful! julian, how did you light it? or is it natural light? do you use a shadow box? thank you.
Definitely paintable, Julian! Good job.
Julian, wow - these just keep getting better. For me, this last spurt of escapades has brought something new into your compositions, their complexity and their range of color. Brilliant!
Very unexpected Julian! The vertical composition is so fresh. Love the dramatic light and how well you captured the mood.
i already loved the delft vase but then i scrolled down to the peach and it took my breath away. WOW! it looks just like the peach i bought today at the market (from california) thank you, julian. gfs
Simply sublime.
I don't know what to say. This is gaspingly good.
The vase is beautiful and the picture gorgeous.
Hi Julian and Ruth - I think that your euros were well spent on the vase, and I'm sure that your painting does it more than justice, my heart lifted when the picture unfolded, thank you so much for these wee moments! x Mhairi
I loved the postcards from Paris Julian but it is so good to have you back in your studio sending these delightful still lifes. Your handdling of paint is amazing. The vase...sublime! Thank you
Julian: It is the simplicity of your strokes, your edges, values, everything is right. The white fuzz accent on the peach... such a confident move. I wish I could bid this one so hope it will go to print. I want number 001. Thanks, Parke