daily painting titled Babu sleeping

Babu sleeping

17cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 16 March, 2011
Posted in Paintings of cats


Don't you wish you could just curl up like Babu and disappear into your dreams? What a wonderful portrait. I greatly enjoy your work. Many thanks.
I have a tuxedo cat (Desi's his name) with very similar markings. Right now he's curled up next to me. The minimal palette, minimal shapes and absolutely beautiful variety of edges make this so lovely. And I would think this even if I didn't have a Babu double at my house!
Even Bonnard's cats are not as beautiful. Thank you for yet another inspiring painting. What a life these poor cats must have Wandering around nice provencal landscapes and having a nap
I'm a cat person ... and presumably, so are you. Like cate in general, your Babu has that wonderful ability to switch the world off at will. Thank you for yet another delightful image.
I just love the paintings of the gorgeous Babu. Even through this crazy, mixed up winter, every day I made time to find your Postcards in my email. How wonderful they always are. Thank you again.
I used to call my Max "my sweet Babu"....she gave me 23 yrs of love and affection and I miss watching her snooze in front of the fire. Ah, memories....
How dashes of colours and tones,as if by magic can be so touching!
I tried to do this with our all black cat Frodo. All I got out of it was a big puddle of black! Your painting is some much better so I think I will try again.
Fitting for this particular time in the world--your painting has the great simplicity of a Japanese watercolor--Essential Babu captured in just a few strokes.