daily painting titled Morning, Borizu Beach

Morning, Borizu Beach

24cm x 12cm (9"x4½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 11 September, 2009
Posted in Landscape paintings


Very very nice!!!
The sun on the water... Brilliant!
Nice! I like!
Crystalline and dazzling! Worthy of Constable.
wow. that has a sparkle to it!
realism at its best - a joy to capture a moment in time, especially one that captures 'the moment', I can smell the sea and feel the breeze, excellent Julian - one of your best plein air works
That literally took my breath away ~ Bravo
you captured this magical moment beautifully. a delicate light touch. i love the monolithic rocks. almost feel the need to squint when i look at the sunlight on the water!
such a surprise after the mountain(?)waters....which puzzled me a bit trying to figure the purple-blue in them..whether reflection, or shadow or something beneath the water. now this one is pure water, sky and sand, which i know from living in florida. thank you as always. g.
Where are my sunglasses? Incroyable!
To Borizu I was gone In my dreams with you To find again the tone Of the painting of Julian. Her name was Lilian, I didn't know her before. Adieu household and chore Bonjour my dreamland! Lilian, give me your hand Come and paddle with me! O no, she said, the water looks so icy. But you my hero, go swimming! ...I was soaked to the skin!
breathtaking, beautifully captured r.
i enjoy your daylie paintings very much...i actually own one how do i get to see how much a recent painting sells for when i,ve missed the daylie auction? when i click on it, a recent pass painting , to check on the price, it bounces back to the current painting thank you
Given such a departure form your usual subject matter, this shines, literally. Damn, you're good.
love the atmosphere you have protrayed and the twinkles of light on the water.
Definitely a WOW from me!