daily painting titled Self Portrait in February

Self Portrait in February

12cm x 19cm (4¼"x7½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 6 February, 2009
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I really like your portraits. I paint and teach dry and oil pastels. I work in oils and pastels and paint plein aire- still life- portraits etc. My favorite genre is portrait painting and my least successful/favorite is working with still Life. However, I think it is such good discipline! I don't have a web site but am on Women Painters of Washington site. I really have to update the images because they are 2 years old. I enjoy receiving your daily images very much.
another stellar self portrait...very tempting julian.
A dynamic, fabulous painting!
Dear Julian, I think this is my favorite of the self-portraits you have shown us here. The warmth of the light and the warm glints in the skin and the wonderful glow from the turtleneck. It all just glows with a winter spark. Thanks
What a gorgeous way to celebrate your 50th birthday! You look pensive, intense, as well as serene and extremely happy!
Your paintings are exotic and I love the play of color strokes in shade and light. Seeing your paintings makes me restless to try out some still life myself.
wow- the richness and variety of color , the dance of brushstrokes in this ,are dazzling- a gentle tour de force .
Magnificent self portrait, honest and direct ! am still in love with the scrunchy apple - did you eat it ?
This is incredible Julian, honest, direct, transparent and sensitive, a very moving portrait.
This is incredible Julian, wonderfully transparent and sensitive, a very moving self portrait.
What a great portrait. I love the colors and the brush strokes. Your piercing eyes look deeply into our souls.