daily painting titled Apple Quarter and Laguiole  Knife

Apple Quarter and Laguiole Knife

12cm x 15cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 27 November, 2007
Posted in Still life paintings


Absolutely divine. Speaks to me of modernism and evokes some original sin connotation. Simplicity and depth. Bravo.Fabulous composition. Many thanks for what you do...masterfully . All best, Jan
laguiole knives are beautiful, but it is this apple that has me riveted every time i see this painting...outstanding.
I love your work! Beautiful, just so warm and fresh. I can almost smell that apple! Thanks for sharing ,you are very talented. I look forward to seeing more.
I love the apple, but it's the laguiole knife that fascinates me. I only learned to pronounce it about 15 or 20 years ago. I used to say the "gui" -- and was corrected. It's softer when pronounced properly. I love the bees on the knives, and the one I first saw had belonged to a friend's father. A real antique that had cut many apples. This painting is something of a "madeleine" for me....
Thanks Jan, I was thinking about Diebenkorn when I started though I know finished it bears no resemblance to anything he painted! I have set up lights in the studio now and this is one of my first paintings started after sunset - previously nearly everything I've painted has been done in natural light but my day was getting too short! The Apples are lovely organic "Juliettes", not quite upto english apples but pretty good.The Laguiole knife was another little present from Ruth. I must do a close up of that bee sometime.
ahhh Diebenkorn no wonder I LOVE this piece - it's a masterpeice and one that you will kick yourself for not keeping for yourself. The composition is perfect and the angle the apple slice is painted from is quite unusual. Love the subtle difference in value between the two sides of the apple, which becomes evident while squinting. And the double shadow . . . one of the things I love to paint. Bravo. Jennifer
Thanks Jennifer, I have found that looking long and hard at the work of other painters is the best way to find inspiration or at least fresh ways of looking at the inspirational things and landscape that surrounds us here.