daily painting titled Persimmons


20 x 12 cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Thursday 15 December, 2005
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Yeah!!! You found some persimmons! Aren't they just great to paint? I LOVE them. And this is a gorgeous painting, Julian. Reminds me of the old masters. Lovely. Hope your trip was good. Say, did I win the prize with the two pears? Tried to buy it while you were away, I think, and wasn't sure how the transaction went down. Anyway, glad you are back!

Pears are yours, will post tomorrow, persimmons very common here but called kakis, as in italy, not such a nice ring as persimmon. j

Another WOW! Love the way you paint, it inspires.

OK, I looked up the openbrackets site. I like the description of persimmons "dangling like tawdry baubles from Charlie Brown's tree". I actually think persimmon trees are great looking naked with dangling fruits. And he's right. They are lously eating, unless, of course you make them into cookies, and I have a simply amazing family recipe for persimmon cookies that will make you swoon.

Nice to have you back, Julian - and on such good form. Nice mis-en-scene here, very dramatic.

I can't ever manage to eat one without my whole mouth puckering up like a dog with a mouth full of p-nut butter...however, I would be very tempted to eat one of these they look delicious. love J x

Hello from Portland, ME
I am a self-taught painter..and LOVE your work..do you ever give workshops?

I was in a bar in Whistler, BC and saw a painting behind the bar of persimmons that I couldn't stop staring at. I wanted to but it but no one was knew where the owner of the bar was that night. It was larger than this painting, it seems, but you must be the artist. I want these persimmons. How can I get them.