daily painting titled Cherries on a french cloth

Cherries on a french cloth

18cm x 13cm (approx. 7"x5"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 25 May, 2012
Posted in Still life paintings


I want to paint that! I remember the cherries in Provence bending the branches all the way to the ground with their weight. Nothing is more delicious! We have just had our first cherries in Calif. and they are so good. My first thought when I saw that painting was "I wish I had painted that!"
Wonderful cherries! We live in a town outside of Dallas so it has booths to pick up some wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables. I am using some right now to paint some tomatoes and Peaches will be ready in a week or so.
You reminded me of the honesty boxes in the Scottish Highlands--the eggs were so fresh, I swear they were warm. A feather or two attached here and there. Always on the main road (there's only the one!!) tucked into a basket,beside a gate before a lane that leads down to a stone house. Lovely memory, too, of my boys' childhood in Germany. Neighbor left his ladder beside the outside fence (beneath his heavily laden cherry tree)--just so the neighborhood children could pick the cherries! I await eagerly tomorow's gift from you! Sandra
I've always loved the honesty box. Grew up with it. Glad to hear it's still in practice.
We have a man who sells his honey here in Centerport N.Y. He has an honesty box as well. Such a good feeling to buy his delicious honey from his little stand the size of an armoire. If the doors are open there's honey if there closed your out of luck!Greek yogurt, honey, walnuts, cinnamon! Wonderful. Are these cherries that you painted so beautifully from Chauvets Orchard:)
It is just as well that the owner wasn't present. He might have asked for more since you obviously got the best ones!
I loved the cherries on the side table the other day....and now I love these on the blue and white towel! You do them so beautifully. In the Massachusetts Berkshires we get enormous fresh eggs from a neighbor with an honesty box. Wish there were cherries too....
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