daily painting titled Le Pont Neuf, Light Rain

Le Pont Neuf, Light Rain

20cm x 15cm (8"x6"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 20 April, 2009
Posted in Landscape paintings


Away in Paris for a few days.
It's just like the Parisians to refer to the oldest of their bridges across the Seine as "New Bridge". A great Postcard, Julian!
I have never been to Paris. I hope someday I could. I live in New York. I havent flown in a long time someday I hope to get the courage. Thank You for bringing me this beautiful painting. It brings me such peace to look at. I look foward to your paintings.Is it every bit as beautiful as your painting?
I absolutely love this. Each day I look forward to another wonderful painting. thank you so much for your splending and inspiring work.
Another wondrous piece. Thank you
So very beautiful, Julian! The water is so liquid and serene!! Thank-you!
Paris, the river...Shade and atmosphere... It reminds me suddenly of the most famous word of the french cinema:" Atmosphere atmosphere, do I have the mug of an atmosphere?" That's what the actress Arletty said to Louis Jouvet on the St Martin canal in " Hôtel du Nord " shot by Marcel Carné in 1938. And not forgetting into the background of the painting, the little red boat behind the arch bridge: a painting in the painting!
April in Paris, what more could one want. I haven't been there in April - yet! Hopefully this September and see again the beautiful bridges and city and parks and galleries.... A great memento of a great city. Thank you.
This is beautiful..Paris is my most fav city of all time...I've visited lots....more please...
What a splendid painting! Just captures perfectly the mood of the river in the rain.
looks cold and wet - love to see it from the same spot when it's dry!
All the wonderful comments! Paris in April, this shows it as the song describes it. A few years back, I was able to spend a few days in Paris in April, but it was gorgeous weather. The sun on this same view was glorious. Thanks for this amazing portrait of Paris.
Your mind and eye are so finely tuned. Making this was a performance as a dance or song might be which would bring tears to see or hear. Daily practice and such a gift. Thanks for putting your paintings on line.
I'm loving your Paris views, Julian. Have shared with friends whom we spent time with there earlier this month - thanks!