daily painting titled Expresso and Silver Spoon

Expresso and Silver Spoon

15cm x 13cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 17 December, 2007
Posted in Still life paintings


Julian, I like how this one is trimmed across the bottom, and how it brings the eye right to the deep brown espresso in the bottom of the cup.
I hope you used espresso beans for your pigment!!
Wow. This one hit me in the stomach. I can smell that coffee from here, taste it on the spoon...
I love this, esp the golden tones in the spoon. Reminds me of an old worn away sterling spoon to stir the later afternoon treat.
another beauty julian, yesterday i had to wipe away a spoon in a painting--became too frustrated and then today here is this lovely spoon to admire and learn from. thank you as always.
Really beautiful, Julian. I, too can taste that espresso. Wonderfully painted,and, once again, a stunning composition. I love it!
What a way to start the morning!!!!!Giclee???? Pretty please with sugar : )
Julien, This pulled me into the depths again as if I were contemplating the bow of a gondola lapping across the waters of early morning or dusky early evening.....it whispers with great strength. I am enjoying your play with edges. All best, Jan
C'est un tableau très vivant pour une nature morte! J'imagine qu'il devait être délicieux ce café ?