daily painting titled Two Apples

Two Apples

19cm x 13cm (7½"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 18 December, 2008
Posted in Still life paintings


Your apples look like I could take a bite right out of them. You are the best juicy painter I know, and I know a lot of painters, or so called. Happy Holidays to you and yours. LaWanda
Get well soon and have a lovely, warm, bright and happy christmas.
Looks like it has not diminished your skills. Beautiful apples. Y'all get better. Regis
Paintings in the painting. Each apple seems to contain an inner landscape. Into the red one, a huge bloody wave, in the style of Hokusaï, seems to capture a blinding sun! The same is true relating to the green apple,in which an angry red and black hurricane is rushing under a delightful green japanese sky. Mysterious, cosmic like some abstract landscapes of Zao Wu Ki. Captivating colours. Richness of creations. A feast for the eyes Julian.
The apples are a lovely combination of real apples and real painting. Delicious on both accounts.
Many, many painters of course are able to paint figs lemons oranges flowers etc... but in my view Julian is on its own. His painting for instance titled " Orange" ( close-up, 3 september 2008) is for me edifying.
yes- I am so glad you are both feeling a little better Julian... And yes, no one paints with the poetry , light, and lack of sentimentality or phoniness , that you do.... it's really quite hard although you make it look so simple.