daily painting titled Lemon, whisky and Delft vase

Lemon, whisky and Delft vase

20cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 15 November, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


Very nice. Cheers!
Good for you! What a lovely mood you have created with this painting. I love it!
Oh, this is a super piece! What a special Christmas gift this would be for someone who has a bar in their family room! Very stylish vignette and, as usual, skillfully painted ..... reminds me of the 50's/60's based TV show "Mad Men". Where I worked (in the late 50's) it was common practice for all the executives to have a small bar in their individual offices .... the drinking era!
Wow Julian,that's magnificent! Hope you are all doing well.
Julian, I love the seasonal landscapes , but there is something reassuring about seeing familiar studio pieces rearranged and reinterpreted like old friends returned.
Lovely composition, reflections and colours... Will send=on many times..
Yes. I notice that the Jameson is making a more frequent appearance in the evenings.
The dark blue pattern of the vase is "diabolically" mysterious and seems to invite us to go inside...
The weather has definitely turned to whisky time! Your painting has taken a radical leap and I love it; very, very gorgeous.
Dear Julian,"high spirits" and zest!! Great depth, glimmer and glow. Anna H.
Lovely composition. I especially like seeing the delft jar through the clear glass and the lemon yellow in the whisky. Cheers.