daily painting titled Lady Banks Rose

Lady Banks Rose

12cm x 20cm (4¾"x7¾"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 26 April, 2009
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Back to a flowering Lady Banks rose and a Benjamin Banks cello.
Just want to say I think every painting is exquisite. Loved the Paris scenes. I lived there in the sixties for a couple years. Do you ever give workshops? I think I could bring myself to some more studies from a painter like you. Did you ever hear of a painter from Palestine named Nissan Rilov? He died recently, but was a very good friend of mine in Paris for many years, and had a country home near Reins. I don't need to say keep up the good work. You make me feel like I really don't need to paint another painting. And that could be bad. Kidding. All the best to you and your cello wife. LaWanda
Julian, you have brilliantly captured the essence of the Lady Banks rose. I feel like if I were to reach into that painting and touch one of those roses, they would shatter into a million petals falling onto the table. You are more than a great painter...you have that rare ability to convey the essence of what you are painting so that the viewer can feel it, smell it, taste it. Many try to do this - very few are able. They can't.
This is fine, breathtaking and fragile. Thank you for the inspiration. K
Really lovely the dark and the soft.
Very "nature morte" from the 17th century. The Dutch and Italian Masters (Francesco Bona, Paolo Porpora, Giovan Battista Ruoppolo, Paolo Cattamara)painted lovely representations, but they somehow seem crowded to me. You have created one that is simple and exquisite in its complexity. Am I wrong in seeing a reflection of the painter therein? Am glad you didn't add a lobster or a crab or a fly.
With tiny brushstrokes you have created a different impression of each yellow rose. This is a painting distinguished by a very delicate touch.
Too beautiful for words!
Wow! The petals are sublime. Love this piece. Glorious!
I like the way Julian you have broken the triangular-shaped cluster of flowers, by discreetly adding two leaves on top of the roses, appearing like a majestic green bird silently flying in darkness. Devilishly enchanting still life! An exquisite portrayal.
Thanks to you jol, Paolo Porpora is for me a real discovery.
Wow. Awesome!
Julian, this is exquisite. Those roses just shine on that dark background. Bravo!
You make me wish I had either more talent or more money. I can't paint like that and I can't afford to buy one! Thank you for your daily inspiration and gift of beauty.