daily painting titled Two Peaches

Two Peaches

12cm x 15cm, oil on linen mounted on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 14 September, 2007
Posted in Still life paintings


Julian, I am so happy to see these glorious peaches painted on linen on board! I know the cardboard is an acceptable ground, and my museum has excellent examples of paintings on cardboard by the masters, but I would think the linen gives a better archival quality to a painting. And linen is a wonderful ground to paint on, as well. Gorgeous peaches. I can see, feel and taste the fuzz.
This is stunning, Julian.
Just scrumptious. Contained. Even more powerful.
Hi Julian I love your paintings they always make me feel I can taste, feel and touch them. I have not been able to buy one as of yet but I have been saving up. I can't tell you what a bright spot in my day when I receive your painting. Please keep on painting...