daily painting titled Still life with clementines, blue tin, lemon, bottle and candlestick

Still life with clementines, blue tin, lemon, bottle and candlestick

18cmx13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 15 December, 2013
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Oh, that wonderful blue (I say aqua)tin box that I so love. We live with it every single day, twice represented on two JM-S paintings that are in our winter living room. Don't ever get rid of it, s'il te plait!!!
Love the color palette! That blue tin looks amazing! Enjoy your email everyday.
I once had a pink tin similar to your blue one - should have kept it. I'd like to see more of what that candlestick looks like. It intrigues me. Nice painting.
All your technical skills are in this one, Julian. I like how the haunting darkness in the background mitigates the profusion of brushstrokes and strikes. All the senses here are titillated. One of your more modern stll life.
The fruit absolutely sing on this painting.I love the way that you have painted the fruits are they look to be rooted on the table and the shadows are as good as ever. How long does it take for your paintings to dry at this time of year I wonder ?!!I would also be interested to know which brands of paint and brushes you use Julian.
Wowzer! Love the colour
The blue tin with orange and yellow brought warmth and colour to my eyes. Alain's pithy comment opened my eyes to the composition of the painting. Both are gifts for the season.
It is a "pity" that your comments become very scarce, dear Barbara M. Regards