daily painting titled Half Moon

Half Moon

15cm x 11cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 10 July, 2008
Posted in Landscape paintings


i'm running out of words! simply amazing, and something different :o)
" poem painting "
Dear julian - I'm a total art philistine as you know, but I find this work beautifully enigmatic, thank you for starting my day in this fashion! XX Mhairi
Dear Julian, Two nights ago I read a book to my daughter and explained to her that it is not the moon that is shining, but the sun reflecting off the moon that makes the moon shine. Then last night we saw a perfect bright half moon, and she said, "Boy that sun must really be shining on that moon." I somehow didn't realize that you see the same phase of the moon in France that we see in the U.S, but I guess we're close enough that you do. Nice to think that we were noticing the same moon at almost the same time. Jenna
Romantic saraband between diaphanous clouds and moon; a single tree only knows....
I can hear the crickets...beautiful
Ah, so beautiful. The same moon I saw yesterday as we ate dinner on our terrace here in Montreal. It made me smile the instant I came here; thanks, Julian.
Hi Julian, Last night I looked at the same moon above my house--it is just as lovely in your painting from another continent.
I can't stop smiling after seeing your painting and reading the comments. For i was going to write something similar in that "Hey, I saw that moon last night too" :-) how wonderful to share that one point in time with so many other people. Thank you so much for providing that!
that old romantic thought; that he/she sees the same moon as i however else we may be separated.
My mouth made a perfectly round O when I saw this pleasure ... and look at all the lovely people joined by a magical moon.