daily painting titled Morning Vines

Morning Vines

16cm x 14cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Thursday 31 August, 2006
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Julian, this is a really beautiful painting. Love all the different greens. What I particularly like are the blobs of blue-green in the front of the second row of vines with the stroke of cobalt. It just makes the whole painting work.

I especially like that the two trees (cedars or other pines) look so structural. From this vantage, it looks like an old road leading to some ancient, vine covered ruins. The greens, I agree, are lovely.

Julian, this morning the NYTimes did a story about "Painting a day" websites, so I looked at a few. They do not coompare to yours.

On the contrary Kate, Julian is actually included in that article. Remember that "better" and "best" are purely subjective responses. The spirit of the Web art community is to be generous, so I think it would be preferable to say that they are simply not to your taste. The USA Today article that Julian links to from this page does a good job of covering the movement, and has a selection of the prominent p-a-d websites.

Sarah Jr.

Nice painting Julian. Where can I find the NY Times article?

I'll put it up Louis, you should have been mentioned - , oil on card

Thanks Julian. You're a pal!

Sarah Jr - not sure where you found better or best in Kate's comment, but I thought she expressed perfectly and concisely her opinion that the others' work wasn't "to her taste"... A respite from the Everyone-gets-an-A-For-Trying mentality is good. Thinking and expressing opinions are good.

Sarah, I don't believe that Kate's comment was necessarily about the art she saw, but the websites themselves. And I must agree, that while there are several artists who are very much to my taste, IMHO Julian has the best website out there - in part due to his layouts and his many extra features, and in part due to his links to his wife's wonderful site. (I also think he's the best artist.) Julian, as usual, a gorgeous "postcard".

that was a quick sale julian!