daily painting titled Evening near Tanah Lot

Evening near Tanah Lot

17cm x 13cm, oil on card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 8 February, 2011
Posted in Paintings of Bali


We have loved your travels. Bali is a dream destination which has been on our wish list for years. We are in awe of your beautiful work. Dave is a wild life sculptor in S.Africa and envies your freedom and mobility as a painter. We are locked into access to workshops and foundries and long to work from a tent in the wilderness. Thank you for sharing your life with us in such a beautiful way.
Still hoping, that when you return to Ubud you will paint the banyans in the Monkey Forrest (more of a sacred grove). However much Ubud has expanded, I can't believe that they are not still there - always the focus of our (short) walks.
One of your most original painting,Mister.Sky and earth are in symbiosis.Surreal greys. A metaphysical painting.Clouds travel through the beach,waves through the sky. While Georges Harrisson sings "Gopala Krishna"...
Breathtaking. All wet on the bottom, all air on the top. The promentory anchors it all. I was stunned to see this one.
This is a very 'cool' painting with touches of pink. I find myself looking at clouds frequently thanks to your paintings that involve clouds.