daily painting titled Lemon, clementine and silver goblet

Lemon, clementine and silver goblet

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 29 January, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


That thin turquoise reflection,so exquisite,in the goblet,makes all the warm colours of the painting sing.A great success!
I definitely agree - a great success! I love the composition, colors and just everything about this painting, Julian!
Are sure you don't live in my neighborhood?!! We had unusual snow last night in middle Georgia USA and had clementines for lunch and made lemon pomanders with whole cloves afterwards. My grandchildren think your paintings are magic because they know you live so far away but your subjects often match our days. I think this is the beauty of your compositions; as you interpret your daily life, you make us more aware of ours.
The citrus is beautiful. The colors are right. I lived in Florida for many years where these fruits are born. The weather here is bitter cold too. Snow on the ground. Unusual for NC. Only a few inches, but it's the temperature that's hard to live with. Near ZERO this early after-midnight. Many broken pipes. Keep your loved ones warm. Willis PS: Keep sending your good stuff. I paint some too. Never sold anything. Too old now.
Hi Julian this is simply beautiful as close as perfection ever gets! Love it Thanks Craig
Beautiful as ever Julian and I thank you. Tricia
Dear Julian, this composition is extremely elegant. It could be a detail from a Velazquez court painting. The sliver of turquoise is essential,(thanks Alain!) try blocking it out and the painting loses some of it's special sparkle and mood. The weather here is grim, no snow yet but very damp and cold. The water meadow is slowly becoming a lake opposite my cottage, I hope I will be spared flooding. Thankfully your paintings naturally increases serotonin but be warned, a daily dose is habit forming! Anna.
Julian. It's been said very eloquently by your loyal and astute following, this is perfection. I will be bidding on my second "Julian" today if it's not too late. It won't be long before we will be seeing your georgeous, purple, Spring fields of lavender. Very best, Parke
Julian, this is an exquisite painting, a true example of your talent. This is a bright ray of sunshine in a miserable cold damp winter, hopefully a great sign of things to come.