daily painting titled Last leaves

Last leaves

18cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 8 December, 2013
Posted in Landscape paintings


Subtle harmony of soft colors; lively. A mellow tapestry. A singing landscape, slightly sloping. A window on sweetness of life,on Nature as a lesson of harmony. The artist opens our eyes to Beauty. The artist opens our mind to meditation and spiritual contemplation. The artist peacefully incites our heart to the joy of living. Le bonheur de vivre. Simply.
Beautiful but where is the snow?
This painting looks mysterious and intriguing to me. Even the leaves on the trees look surreal. I like what Alain wrote about this work.
60°F with frost on the ground where the sun doesn't reach but the has snow melted away—it was unusual for Nov/Dec
Your work is absolutely wonderful!
Lovely words Alain Lovely Painting..drifting time, the year passed so quickly...
Hi, Love this painting, very jucy. Really means there is no place like home!
"...drifting time", so true Sylvia Kinglsley. What about flying over the waves of foliage and get back to the blue paradise in the distance, where there is no border between sky and mountain?
Dear Julian, the painting "Last Leaves" strangely triggered some beautiful memories of a late autumn from many moons ago... returning back to England from dizzying Marrakesh, Spain was riddled with storms and downpours, but La Belle France was still in the golden embrace of autumn. The forests and fields, the moist, unbelievably rich smelling damp earth, the sun, still very warm at midday. It didn't matter that we were by then nearly broke,red wine and simple food was cheap, anyway, you could live on the bread alone! We made it back to grey London before the weather turned. Sadly those carefree days are a "lost domain". Anna. P.S. Alain, your beautiful words so perfectly describes why art is so crucial for us all.
Bravo Julian and Alain. I love the way, Julian, that you have orchestrated the warm colours in this landscape and offset them with the cool colours of the hills and skies.
Hi Julian , Beautiful painting , I was excited to comment till I read Alain's moving words now it is pointless. Thank you both , after two long nights with a sick wife in and out of hospital , it is just what I needed. Craig
Thank you Julian for this visual feast of beauty. (Since I am a landscape painter, I particularly love your landscapes.) And thank you to Alain ( master wordsmith that he is,) to Anna and to Sylvia for their wonderfully evocative observations, so often doing the almost impossible, bringing even more beauty to Julian's paintings. Postcards from Provence brings such joy to my heart, and I can read how many others are touched in the same way.
Special thoughts to you at this difficult time. I also am caring for a relative who is not well. Peace
Thank you,sweet DonnaS, good to know that someone doesn't mind my ramblings down memory lane. My sympathies to you, Craig. Anna.
Great contrast of light and dark and I love the movement I can actually feel it. It is a joy to see what you come up with every week. Merry Christmas to you enjoy all the love this special season brings your way thank you for sharing with us all.