daily painting titled Two clementines

Two clementines

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 10 November, 2014
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looks like it worked. The seasonal change is a challenge. I'm under going a medical change just had a mini stroke and almost back to par. Great painting fred
The gloss! The colour! I am sooo glad I'm not alone in finding it hard to be cooped up indoors again. Wonderful resolution!
Well, you pulled this one off nicely! Painting can be like that - sometimes it's a big struggle. You try and try, but it doesn't work. Persistence, patience and prayer is my solution.- the three P's.
Beautiful. But enlighten me - what exactly is a 'wiper'?
So glad to see the clementines almost on cue. The Spanish ones showed in our markets last week, but I never feel it's proper to eat them until you've painted one. These are perfect in spite of weather, studios and light!
Lush and so glossy! Love it!
A wiped painting, one that didn't make it; this is the fifth painting I've done on this same board!
How refreshing to learn that even you do 'wipers' and have problems with the seasonal changes in light and still put out such beautiful work. Kudos Julian ~
How refreshing to learn that even you do 'wipers', have problems with the seasonal changes in light and still put out such beautiful work.
Striking! So glad you persist! And thanks for sharing the struggle with us. It bolsters my resolve to plough through. This one looks fresh as the clementines themselves.
Gorgeous, Julian. They look good enough to eat!
Ugh, wiper frustrations - I feel ya Julian. But hey you are painting and that is all that matters. With not much time to paint since the summer I'd be happy with a nice long streak of wipers at this point! And I have to say also, I know you are a stickler for the natural thing but as a vitamin D deprived northerner I always get excited when you post one of these studio beauties, so thanks! ps - I am picking up my Traveling Peaches on Wednesday and I'm stoked! ?
Dear Julian, maybe your body and soul needs a rest, just being at play, without having to produce a gold standard painting as a result. The Venice suite just glowed with atmosphere, your huge talent was in evidence on every painting... rest on your laurels sometimes. If I sound patronising,giving you advise, it is only because I worry you are too hard on yourself! All said and done, the clems light up an otherwise rather dull day! Anna H.
Aaaargh....happens every year but always comes as a shock !
What glorious orange glazes ! Perfection.
Beautiful !
What a relief it is to here you have "off" days. I just took a class with Julliette Aristedes on Whidbey Island and felt like I knew nothing. Of course, I don't compared to you and her but still...
Julian, you are an artist; authentic, since the beginning. For us, it is wonderful to share your peerless visual experiences day after day. You are so close to the spirit of Morandi or Monet in that case. Even if you put a single brushstroke on a big canvas, that mark would be radically different from another painter, because of your uniqueness.