daily painting titled Clementine


20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 6 November, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


Lovely loose brush work and flowing movement. Thanks Julian
Hello Julian, I must let you know how much I look forward to your daily painting. I have inquired as to the whereabouts of the Bowl of Quince that I won at your auction on September 17. I have been interested in bidding on subsequent listings but I hesitate as I have not received the Quince painting and have not received any response to either of my attempts to reach you. Please respond. Thank you so much. Lainnie Capouya
The atmosphere of this one is...musical.The boisterous background evokes the sounds of an orchestra playing the Polovtsian Dances of Borodine,the vertical green leave is like the arch of a harp, the horizontal one is undulating in time to the music and into the clementine, we can see a dance floor on which the highlights become a couple of modern dancers in love practising a wild rock and roll! O what an incredible night!
Darn, you are good! I love the luminous glow on the right side of the clementine, and I have always loved the drama of light/dark contrast. This painting makes my heart sing.
I'm in Santa Fe for six weeks painting lots of still lifes and landscapes. The light here is magical much I suspect as in Provence. Your Venice work was unreal. Tad and I are housesitting for friends who went to Myannmar.I have Open Studio Showing in February. Wish me luck so I can pay for your workshop. Best wishes to you and family, Dean.
Just luscious! I'm wondering if this clementine is placed upon an open book? Just adore your work. What an uplift. Now all I need is oil paint essential blend upon my desktop. Judythe