daily painting titled Summer road

Summer road

22cm x 15cm (9"x6"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 15 July, 2012
Posted in Landscape paintings


hi julian i was expecting to see the tour de france riders rushing past this lane? something you might try?
Absolutely beautiful Julian! Love the sun dappling on the branches close up.
Path of lights,Heart of light,through a natural church of trees.A kind of stargate which allows us to go toward the small dash of blue in the distance.Pictorial pilgrimage.
Dear Julian, This is a lovely painting. You really get a sense of the place, time and season like when you read a John McGahern novel. Simple and deep at the same time. Nathalie
What a wonderful comparison. I so enjoy Julian's paintings, and I am in love with John McGahern's "By the Lake." Now that you have mentioned the 2 together, I see exactly why I visit Julian's images so often, scrolling through some of my favorites, AND why I need to revisit McGahern's novel periodically. I have lent the book to people and when it doesn't come back to me, I try to quickly replace it. They are both expressing the simple beauty of an authentic life. So glad to find a fan of both, as I am.
Julian, the landscapes have been so magnificent, and I have been at a loss for words, since even the superlatives are inadequate to express how they move me. Thank you so much.
So exquisite. Such a wonderful value range, the dappled light, the light on the leaves, in hands less masterful than yours would have made the design fall apart. Done by your brush, the light, the leaves made a simple design beautifully intricate and delicate.
Lovely Julian Wish it was like that here...rain, rain, rain!
@dona and nathalie. i'll put it on the amazon wish list!
Ah, this is velvet shade....
HI julian, what a pretty lane!!! It does remind me of the roads of the Tour De France, which we are watching every day on TSN , oooh how I would love to be there. ( I raced road bike s for 6 years.) Watch the tour and maybe have a teaching lesson from you!!! Cheers, Vive Le Tour.!! From Canada eh? Tish.
I want to go there as it is over 100 degrees here and that looks cool and quiet. Wonderful painting, thank you.
Dear Ruth, I hope you will enjoy the book as much as I have, and evidently as did Nathalie.