daily painting titled The River Sorgue at Althen

The River Sorgue at Althen

15cm x 16cm (5"x6"), oil on card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 22 April, 2007
Posted in Landscape paintings


oooh, thats lovely that is,(Ive gone all Cornish)looks like a perfect place on a hot day.

absolutely terrific--this one of the best paintings depicting water that i have seen, bravo julian! love the composition and flow.

Divine. I have to tell you that this is wonderful, despite the endless wonderful paintings you produce. This one is particularly captivating and the person who eventually receives it will be very fortunate.

Another beauty. I can hear the water as it courses over the stones.

Astonishing! Brilliant!

That's stunning. Looks exactly like the river outside my building! Any chance of that one being a print? if so you can certainly put me down for one!

Yes! Astonishing! a print for me, please

yo, julian. could you have possibly been the person i met in nice about 7 years ago? you were in the street fair-carnival and you were doing pencil-conde crayon portraits of people they were the best art works at the fair i visited with you for quite awhile daniel?