daily painting titled Onion and bowl with clove of garlic

Onion and bowl with clove of garlic

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 11 November, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


I like this Julian. The reflection in the bowl is fantastic! The palette knife marks on the cloth remind me Cezanne's early works. Your style is definitely becoming bolder and increasingly aggressive. I'd love to see an abstract piece. I dare you! ;)
C' est impressionant, plus les coups de pinceaux deviennent "grossiers" et visibles, les couleurs posées franchement, sans dégradés, plus la peinture devient abstraite et profonde. Elle laisse place à la respiration. C' est ce qui me boulverse dans la peinture, mais rarement rencontré. Monsieur, respect !
It's so interesting the way, especially since you have been teaching, that your brushwork has gotten so much looser and more bold. That said, when you stand back from the computer, it looks as real as ever. Very vibrant! Alchemey!!!!!!
A moving "family photo". Sensuous, creamy, soft and strong. The onion is like a Christmas bauble and is treated with the same brilliancy as a face painted by Franz Hals. The bowl and the onion offer to us their reflections like two mirrors open to the world. The clove of garlic suddenly looks like a little dog nibbling the basis of its tail...And this well-known tablecloth vaporous as a cloud enlightens the darkness and brings some liveliness. And above all this thin white highlight on the bowl that cackles like life. One of your best Julian.
Warm and cozy - I love the familiar comfort.
I know how to use more than one! Cut up two and saute with some garlic in olive oil - throw in some cut up sausage - when sausage is browned and hot - toss it all with al dente pasta and shredded mozerella,.... Gotta go, I'm hungry......
Lovely ... a wonderfully fresh painting :)
Dear Julian, it seems to me you have altered the way you apply your paints (since Venice?) and it's fascinating and beautiful to follow. We all know that you are capable of perfectly blended brushstrokes and fine detail etc. etc. Here, an expressive, "devil-may-care", sensual style of applying the pigments makes a powerful still life. Your colours have always played an important part and here they are bold and mouth watering!Love the torchon, with the blue stripe.I spent quite some time studying the light and texture on that linen cloth. Lovely, creamy tones. The garlic is so well caught, it's characteristic papery little peel, ending in an upward point and the onion too, glowing like a lamp in the autumn gloom. The dark, reflective surface on the bowl brings it all off, creating life and mystery. All with great economy of means! Anna H.