daily painting titled Night Portrait

Night Portrait

11cm x 17cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: NFS
This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Friday 7 December, 2007
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That is one H**l of a portrait Julian!!!! I'm glad you aren't selling it. Fantastic work! Tracey
A great likeness and real power in the painting. You're aging well my dear! Tina.
Staggering....the eyes have it- truly captivating and arresting. Bravo.
Thanks all. One things for sure Tina... I'm aging
this is fantastic--------------------cannot believe the amazing expression. a writer friend who is finally writing a book he's had in his head for 15 years explained to me that he needed to learn how to "construct" it before it could be written...you surely know how to construct a portrait julian! excellent work.
Beautiful Julian! gorgeous study - full of life, color, energy and intensity. Kudos!
I see why you don't want to sell this--if it were MY soul right there on the page, I'd want to keep it close, too.
WOW! Very engaging! I think I'd know you on any street, anywhere. What a wonderful gift you have.
Dear Julian, Your best portrait yet!!!!!! I wouldn't sell it either.
P.S. What about a print??? Help us out here Julian!!
Truly amazing. The color palette is deep and rich, beautiful warm light. In a portrait-painting like this one, we can appreciate your talent even more.
Wow! Really powerful!
Words are inadequate. Truly, truly stunning. What an unexpected and incredibly welcome surprise. I am most humbly awed. Bien fait. All best, Jan
captivating...i couldn't ask for a better birthday gift. so julian, thank you for painting this most amazing portrait, on my birthday...best, shanee
Amazing, sensational, beautifully articulated... don't know if your aging well... haha.. is aging ever done 'well' :-)
Brill, Julian, looks as if you are at sea. Love Jules xxx
I have to Ditto what everyone before me said, because they've all expressed my feelings too!
Hyper-Super! What color is your hair? When I saw you in white linen last summer, I would have said your hair was blondish-reddish then. The reddish tones are still there, but they're mostly in your beard. These are probably the most intense eyes I've ever seen in a painting. They bore a hole right through me. It's almost frightening for you to see my soul. Glad you're not my confessor (even though I'm Protestant and not Catholic!) The blue is utterly inspired -- but so is everything you do, such as the idea of a night painting. So glad you got those lights. Ageing? Qu'est-ce que c'est?
absolutely BRILLIANT!
Julian, simply beautiful!
Absolutely mesmerizing. The best I've seen to date. Just superb!
This is the most wonderful of your self-portraits. Powerful and penetrating. Bravo!
just amazing...makes me feel like I know you and/or want to know you!!! ...even though not selling...THANKS for sharing!!! ...and do make a print!
I loved reading all the comments. Great painting, et al...the first thought that went through my head was so very prosaic. Julian, you've cut your hair. Wishing you the best for 2008. Et in terra pax.
Crazy good. That's impressive, sir. You have my admiration.
ooooh thanks everyone for your comments, it's like waking up to an early Christmas! 'Crazy good' I like that Silvina.
I've now made a print available of this painting.
Art+Soul=An image that has a life of its own! From all the comments it's clear that this portrait has touched lives. I am truly amazed, Julian. Thank you!
Thanks Swee Yee, nice to have such a reaction.
This belongs in a museum. Please don't ever sell it to one individual.
Thanks again for the inspiration Julian. This portrait is simply brilliant!
All above have said it as well as I could say it....this is your very best self-portrait to date! The intensity of the look in your eyes is riveting. I recognize it as total focus as you work....wonderful!
LOVE IT!!! There is a bit of a devilish, rebelliousness that I like here. I could see you on a Harley. Absolutely brilliant, Julian!
I want a print!
Hi Julian, I've never met you but wow, I think you nailed this one! Great self-portrait.
Agree w/ others... best S/P yet. Glad you are keeping for the homestead, but making prints available... Was the burrowed frow aimed at one of the cats? Surely not Ruth! Merry Christmas to you both, Diane
thanks diane! fancy waking up to this every morning....eeek! i think julian on a harley is a great idea.
Ah Merilee, you see my true self!
Ruth, Christmas is just around the corner - Santa could tuck a Harley under the tree for Julian (along with some leathers). Just a thought...
merilee, i think I want Julian to live a while longer, so I'll go for something harmless like the iphone instead, except he probably can't wait that long for his new toy... the weird thing for me about this portrait is that, although it looks 100% like my husband, it also looks like our slightly scary neighbour who owns the ancient septic tank we have been using for four years and who is now withdrawing our privilege... (more about our funky solutions to the problem on 'meanwhile') but how spooky is that?
What's left? I concur with all of the above... and tho I'm happily married, I'm once again in love...
Don't forget Nance this is a highly romanticized view of the old git artist
Hi Julian, I think you should enter that in the BP Portrait Competition at the National Portrait Gallery UK....the call for entries might be now....get the painting to them sometime in May I think...reckon it's got what they're looking for -you never know! Nice work. nic
Thanks Nicole hopefully part of my warmup but that's a tough competition
tough competition for the competition, not for you--fantastic portrait. Nice hair, nice chin stubble--terrifying, reminds me of me in the morning.
absolutely my favourite - wildman! gorgeous colours and attention to detail, perfect! print?